“I love the way hardwood looks, but I just don’t have the budget for it and it is so difficult to maintain”

Does that sound familiar? It is a very common concern but Curtis Carpets is all about solutions! Vinyl plank flooring that is designed to look like hardwood has come such a long way over the last ten years. Gone are the days where your vinyl plank looked like someone took a bad picture of real wood and just printed it on vinyl. Today’s vinyl plank is specifically designed to match all of the details of that hardwood flooring you love, but at a price point that can fit into any renovation budget.

EverWood Premier Vinyl planks are beautiful, durable and waterproof. They create a feeling of warmth that can usually only be found in genuine hardwood floors. The state of the art wood visuals come in wide, long planks to complement any decor while the micro-bevels and other finishing details add a luxurious look. Your floor will look like a million bucks, even if you didn’t pay that much for it!

How does it feel though? Beautiful grains are softly textured with a low gloss finish, making the plank warm to the touch, comfortable and quiet underfoot. Finished bevels on ALL FOUR SIDES and an attached cork underlay with antimicrobial protection finishes the whole thing off.

At the risk of hyperbole, this flooring is the definition of having your cake and eating it too! In fact we loved it SO much that we bought a TON of it. So now we can offer it below regular retail. Come down and buy your new floor today, before our Warehouse manager loses his mind 🙂

NOTE: Only the color “Beach House” is available as specially priced inventory, but there are many other beautiful colors that can be special ordered.