Available in 15 gorgeous colors across 3 unique styles, Stanley Cooper Hardwood is truly a work of art. And the only place you can get it in Winnipeg and the surrounding area is Curtis Carpets!

With extreme attention to detail and product development, Stanley Cooper brings everything you could want in a hardwood floor. They are dedicated to the strictest quality control with many features such as boil/freeze tests, marine grade adhesives and very few defects compared to other hardwoods in the industry. With strict manufacturing specifications and immense knowledge of the product and industry, Stanley Cooper has some of the greatest quality floors that not only look good but are good for the environment. They are very conscious of the environment; not only for the now, but for the generations to come. So not only can you feel good about buying a beautiful product, but you can feel good that you are helping take care of our earth. This sets them apart from many other companies within the industry.

Pop into our showroom to check it out for yourself, and pay a visit to www.stanleycooper.ca for more info.