Hardwood Flooring

Curtis Carpets is one of the leading store for Hardwood Flooring in Winnipeg

Whether you’re planning a dramatic entry way or laying the groundwork for an entire home, hardwood is the flexible flooring choice. Unlike other flooring options, a hardwood floor, whether oak, maple or exotic wood, can adapt to be a multitude of colours and styles. With options in construction, hardwood can be installed in virtually any room now, including basements and over concrete.

Hardwood floors are synonymous to timeless beauty, elegance, and class. Hardwood floors become beautiful with age and there is absolutely nothing that makes a home more alluring than hardwood flooring.

Made from different species of woods from various parts of the world, hardwood flooring has very rich tones and handsome radiance of timeless elegance, and they complement your home décor from the traditional, ancient, or epic to the most modern or contemporary designs.

Hardwood speaks royalty and luxury, simply put.

Hardwood Flooring

Past, Present, and Future of Hardwood Flooring in Canada

Regardless of the many flooring types available in today’s markets, hardwood floors remains a favorite choice for Canadian homes as it has been for decades upon decades due to its warmth and strength.

Although hardwood flooring has evolved over the years, yet, it has not lost its durability and authenticity.

Why Choose A Hardwood Floor?

Maple Hardwood Flooring - Curtis Carpets

Hardwood Floors Are Elegant

Again, one of the things that set hardwood flooring apart is their beauty and elegance. Sometimes, hardwood flooring is all you need to have that extra layer of beauty, class, elegance, and royalty in your home.

Poplar Hardwood Flooring - Curtis Carpets

Hardwood Flooring Adds Value to Your Home

Beauty of its expensive looks and popularity, hardwood flooring adds value to your home and increases its resell price.


Hardwood - Curtis Carpets

Hardwood Floor Are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Another point of attraction to hardwood floor type is how incredibly easy is it to clean and maintain.

Oak Hardwood Flooring - Curtis Carpets

Hardwood Flooring Are Highly Durable

Durability and strength are things you cannot take away from hardwood floors. High-quality hardwoods are extremely durable.

Our Partners

Our top hardwood brands at carpet include:

TRC Flooring

TRC Flooring is a young and dynamic Hardwood Flooring products specialist with offices in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. They are known for excellence and professionalism. TRC products are so reliable that they offer a 25-year lifetime warranty on any of their products. The company trades in all major hardwood type such as birch hardwood, Oak hardwood, Maple hardwood, Walnut hardwood, teak hardwood, etc.  Thinking of Hardwood in Canada, then think of TRC Flooring. Curtis carpets is one of the major TRC Flooring distributors in Canada.

Craft Artisan Wood Floors

Craft Artisan Wood Floors are known for durability and radiance. I just 17 years, Craft Artisan Wood Floor has been able to establish itself as a leading hardwood manufacturer in Canada and entire North America. Craft Floors also has one of the largest collections of wood species in North America. Their variety of hardwoods include Hickory, White Oak Wood, Black Walnut, Reclaimed Heart Pine and Alder. Craft Wood Floors products often come with a 30-year warranty.

Mirage Floors

Mirage floors are undoubtedly the biggest hardwood supplier in Canada. Mirage is widely known for its end-to-end service. I.e. Not only do they sell but also help you in installing and maintenance of your floor. Mirage has varieties of exceptional, yet affordable products or service to choose from. From floor types to species of hardwood, installation tips, floor finishes, etc. Mirage remains the king of hardwood flooring in Canada.

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