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Curtis Carpets offers Vinyl Flooring Installation in Winnipeg

There is no doubt that a good floor adds an added layer of beauty and class to your home. That said, vinyl flooring takes this to a whole different level. With vinyl flooring, you need not worry about water or scratch because you now have a solution that handles these for you effectively. Regardless of what you are looking for, be it luxury vinyl plank flooring, vinyl tile, or vinyl sheet flooring, we have a solution for you at Curtis Carpets.

Vinyl flooring are functional and easy to maintain. We feature a wide selection of traditional and contemporary designs of Vinyl flooring in Winnipeg from Armstrong, Domco, Mannington and Congoleum. Select from hundreds of patterns including in stock items at huge savings.

Vynil Plank

Types of Vinyl Floor

While the demand for the Vinyl remains high, the challenge for many homeowners is differentiating the different types of Vinyl-Vinyl Plank from Vinyl Sheet or Luxury Vinyl Tile and identifying the best type of Vinyl for the home.

This Guide helps you understand the different types of Vinyl floor.

Waterproof Vinyl Plank

Otherwise known as the luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or just vinyl plank, vinyl plank comes in woodlike planks. It is also highly water resistant and easy to install as compared to the Vinyl sheet. Replacing or maintaining luxury vinyl plank is also very easy as you can easily remove a damaged piece with another without entirely needing to remove the whole floor.

Vinyl Sheet

Made of very similar material as the vinyl plank, vinyl sheet is a non-rigid sheetlike vinyl flooring material that is installed as a whole or single piece. Vinyl sheet is also water resistant and very durable. One of the drawbacks of the vinyl sheet is that you will likely need to remove the whole floor is a part of it is damaged, unlike the vinyl plank. The sheet vinyl is glued to the floor during installation.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Other known as vinyl tile or waterproof vinyl tile, this is the type of vinyl that comes in square and looks exactly like ceramic tiles. It is also water resistant and does not scratch easily. You will likely need the help of an installer to help with the installation of the vinyl tile. The vinyl tile is also very easy to maintain and comes in gorgeous natural colors and surface texture that feels like real tiles.

How to Choose Vinyl

The second most common challenge for many after understanding the different types of vinyl is how to choose vinyl floors.

There are three basic ways of choosing the right type of vinyl floor for your house, which are:

Thickness of the Vinyl

This is when you base your choice on the with of the vinyl. When choosing by thickness, then you should opt for the thickness of at least 2mm.

Comparing Wear Layers

This is when you choose your vinyl base on its wear layer.

Selecting the Color and Width

Vinyl comes in a variety of beautiful colors and designs. You can make your pick also by the color.

In general, you want to go for a colorful vinyl that is at least 2mm thick with a wear layer of at least 10mil.

Properties of Vinyl Floors


Water resistant

The biggest advantage or reason why many choose vinyl for their homes is because vinyl flooring is water resistant. The sheet vinyl takes this to a whole different level because it is usually laid without having grooves, unlike tiles. In other words, there is nowhere water can pass through to damage the floor.


Scratch Resistant

Not only are Vinyl floors waterproof but also they scratch resistant. Regardless of the type of Vinyl floor, you have installed in your home-luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, or vinyl sheet, they have very high resistant to scratch. This is mostly because of how they are processed.



Vinyl floor comes in different designs and styles. The vinyl plank comes in woodlike or planklike designs and shapes, while the luxury vinyl tiles come in squares with a luxury feel. The sheet vinyl also comes in a variety of patterns, colors, and designs. Whatever your design needs or expectations are, vinyl has something for you.



Vinyl floors are known for the ease of maintenance. For example, changing or replacing a vinyl plank floor or vinyl tile floor is as easy and seamless. You can do this either by yourself or with the help of a professional technician. NB: Vinyl sheet can be a bit pricy to maintain. This is because you will need to remove the entire sheet in case of small damage or scratch.


Easy Installation

Vinyl floors are easy to install either by yourself or by a technician and you can easily install your flooring in a day or two.



The main reason why tile vinyl is chosen by many is because it can mimic a variety of other expensive flooring types such as ceramic tiles, hardwood floor, and stone floor. Vinyl gives you the opportunity to give your home that luxurious feel it deserves only at a fraction of cost.

Our Partners

Curtis Carpets partners with the best manufacturers and distributors known for top quality vinyl across North America.
Our top partners for vinyl flooring include:

Beckham Brothers

The Beckham Brothers is a brand that combines people’s styles and budgets with impressive products quality and performance. For Beckham Brothers, customer or consumer always comes first. Their superior quality of the laminate floor is unmatched. With more than two decades of experience in laminate flooring, Beckham Brothers are what comes to mind when thinking of laminate flooring in Canada.

Shaw Floors

Shaw Floor has been at the forefront of exceptional quality of products for more than 40 years. Floorte is the latest collection of Luxury Vinyl from Shaw Floors. With scores of design to choose from, Floorte has one of the best collection of luxury vinyl in North America. Curtis carpets remain one of the approved distributors of these quality materials from a top brand in the floors industry.

Gerflor Group

Gerflor Group is a topmost French manufacturer of vinyl flooring solutions. Gerflor Group creates, manufactures, and markets innovative, decorative and sustainable vinyl flooring solutions and wall finishes for professionals and consumers.

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